Route Sheet Vernacular

the keys to the highway (music)

KEY to Dunwich Dynamo XXXI route sheet.
S/O = Straight on.
T = T junction.
@ = Roundabout.
SP = Signpost.
TL = Traffic Lights.

Places and streets printed in BLOCK CAPITALS are visited en-route, lower-case is for those mentioned on signs but not visited.
For example on the Dunwich Dynamo routesheet, at KM 46 there’s a ‘T’ Junction…
T RIGHT SP A1060 Chelmsford
means you turn right and the signpost says Chelmsford.
you climb a short hill into the village of LEADEN RODING where…
means you turn left at a roundabout where the sign post says Great Dunmow and you follow the road to get to GREAT DUNMOW.
In general you only get an instruction where you turn off the road you’re on.
If you get off route head for a place mentioned in BLOCK CAPITALS to rejoin.

When you’ve acted on an instruction note how far it is to the next one to give you an idea of when to ‘wake up’ again. If the next instruction doesn’t have distance marked it’s probably coming up in less than 500 metres.

Route sheet styles vary, some organisers like to baffle, and enjoy finding chances to write seemingly nonsensical instructions such as “T S/O”. Other writers like to add extraneous information such as “brakes not needed for next 11 kilometres” signifying a long climb. The DD route sheets aims to be helpful and concise.

Download the DD route sheet here.