Dunwich Dynamo XXXII

20 – 21 July 2024

The Dunwich Dynamo is a 200 km night ride from London to the Suffolk Coast, by the last remaining western suburbs of the lost city of Dunwich.

From 1992 to 1998 it ran as commercial pay-to-enter event. In 1999 it became a free tradition; something like Christmas but with less eating and more traveling by bike.

This successful format has continued since 2000.

Setting a date for an informal ‘turn-up-and-ride’ – on the Saturday night nearest a full moon in July – maintains the most important element of the great festival, the company of other riders.

You don’t have to buy a ticket or book a place just turn up and ride. The traditional start is on London Fields by The Pub on The Park (formerly The Eleanor) Martello Street, London, E8. Depending on where you’re starting from you can join the ride further up the road, at anywhere convenient.

The perfect trip arrives at the beach as you realise it’s going to be a fine summers day. You don’t want to be riding in the heat of the sun, after a night on the road, but neither to be shivering on the beach in the chilly dawn dew.

Study the weather forecast, and your form, to calculate this sweet spot. If you can ride faster start later. This is a beach party not a road race. Set off slowly and finish smiling and strong.

See you on the beach.