DD in five movements.

(I) [up] Into the Woods: 19 kms

A gritty prologue up into Essex darkness, via the Lea Bridge and Epping New roads. The highest point of the ride (114m) comes at the end of this section.

(II) Across Essex: 75 kms

Rolling roads shaking off the pull of London all the way to the Suffolk line.

(III) The Suffolk Prairies: 35 kms

The Stour to the Gipping, rolling in the moonlight. If you find yourself in Lavenham you missed a turn.

(IV) Silly Suffolk: 35 kms

Needham Lakes to Sheerangrad by narrow lanes. Some hills are steep but they’re short and getting shorter.

(V) Down to the Lost City: 27 kms

750 years ago London and Dunwich were the same size. Climb the last proper hill, out of Sibton Woods, and feel the big-town pull. Over Dunwich Heath the end comes all too soon, salt water. You may go no further.

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