DD in a PBP year.

Bon route! Bon tour! Bon Courage! …to those among us who’ve qualified for Paris-Brest(PBP) and are thinking of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in August.

PBP is promoted by Audax Club Parisien(ACP) once every four years. The 2023 edition is two moons hence. In a Paris-Brest year the DD has extra glamour.

All the villages are en fête. Saint-Jouin-de-Blavou welcomes riders on PBP 2003

The DD may be understood as a parodic homage to PBP. Both have over-excited evening starts and run between a Capital and a distant port. On PBP every village seems to be en fête, the consequence of 130 years and 26 editions. The DD is a 100 years behind but – with an annual cycle – has already seen 30 lunatic outings and has a growing road-side fan-base. Both events are vehicles for personal growth, comradeship and big fun.

PBP has a bigger road-side fan-base but the DD’s is growing fast.

Of course PBP is seven times longer with strict time-limits. A monstrous undertaking that demands more bureaucracy and more gate-keeping than a sub-200 ‘turn-up-and-ride’.
PBP regulations consist of 21 articles, over 3000 words in total.
Highlights include…

“Bikes must be in compliance with French regulations. Bikes must possess a lighting system powerful enough to be seen at a distance of 100 m from the front and 150 m from the rear. It must be securely and permanently fixed on the bike, even during daytime, and in working order at any time. Flashing LEDs at the rear are forbidden.

From Article 8: Rules for bikes

It is strictly forbidden to litter on the road. Your eco-friendly behaviour benefits all riders, and the public image of randonneuring is at stake!”

From Article 19: Environment

Vive ACP.

see you on the beach

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