Caution Cycle Race in Progress

London-Dunwich-London(LDL) meets CTT National 50

If you are riding back to London on Sunday 02/07/2023 after DDXXXI, please be aware that the B184 between Great Dunmow and Leaden Roding is on the course of the National 50 mile time trial championship. If you are on this section between 06:00 and 10:30, expect to be overtaken by very fast cycle-traffic. If you are in a group please ride in tidy single-file. TT Competitors will turn at Dunmow and be racing on both sides of the road increasing potential conflict with motor-traffic.

If you’d prefer to avoid this excitement there’s a detour listed below.

Sunday 2 of July is the date of the National 50 mile Time-Trial Championship, promoted by Southend Wheelers on behalf of Cycling Time-Trials(CTT).

The course is two out-and-home laps from Writtle, on the outskirts of Chelmsford, up to Gt. Dunmow via Leaden Roding. Competitors will be blasting up and down the B184 between Dunmow and Leaden Roding from around 06:00 until around 10:30.

I’ve been in communication with the organiser to reassure him that even the most disorganised outbound Dunwich Dynamo pilgrims will be past Dunmow by daybreak, long before the snot-bearded testers are suffering on the Roman road, and that any potential overlap will be with riders on the home leg of a London-Dunwich-London(LDL) casual 380 k permanent, these people are seasoned and reliable.

If you’re planning to miss any beach party and ride a brisk LDL please be aware that traffic, silent but for tyre-buzz and rasping breath, will be passing FAST on the roman road section before and after High Roding. If you’re riding in a group please revert to tidy single-file. If you prefer to head for home without this excitement and in double-file you can detour via…

  • Great Dunmow
  • B1256
  • Takely
  • Hatfield Broadoak
  • White Roding
  • Abbess Roding
  • Little Laver
  • Moreton

suggested detour with optional spectator diversion to High Roding via Bacon End. The Axe and Compasses just South of High Roding opens at 09:00 so you can enjoy some cooling rehydration while encouraging the masochists, in traditional badly pronounced French “Ally! Ally! Ally!”

The Race Route is also on this map as is a route from Great Bardfield to Writtle avoiding the Championship course. If you are fond of cycle sub-culture bingo and want to go for a record number of ticks in one weekend there’s a cordial invitation from event organiser and DD veteran Arthur Knowler, to head down to the National50 event headquarters at Writtle College where food and drink will be served until 11:30. Drink tea and spot lots of VERY big chainrings and VERY pointy hats.

Please circulate this warning to any available networks.



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