Download a route sheet

Route-sheets give all the information you need to stay on line. With the addition of a clear plastic bag they work in all conditions. A head-torch is useful in low light (You’re carrying one of those anyway for fixing punctures, right?)

“root2” covers London Fields to Dunwich Beach. “root1” covers Dunwich Beach to Ipswich, plus advice, information and the date of DDXXXII.

There’s an explanation of how to read a Route-Sheet is here.

This route sheet is – like the DD – FREE. We suggest £1 donation. Donations support the crews who plant and collect the tea-light trail across Essex. They need chains and tyres and deserve a good breakfast. Any surplus goes to safeguarding and continuing the great tradition.

Please print of a couple or three for giving away to…

  • …Hackney old timers, so they can go home and pump their tyres.
  • …pilgrims scratching their heads at junctions in the Essex night.
  • …pilgrims pondering a signpost in the Suffolk dawn.
  • …random strangers who ask what’s going on; draw attention to next years date.
  • …shell-shocked pilgrims wandering Dunwich asking “which way to Ipswich”.

spread the Love.

see you on the beach.